I can't act as a villain for Vijay...!?

Mike Mohan has left the field after a while. Usually, many people compete and wait in queues to act in a Vijay film. Because if he acts in the film, we can become famous anyway. In such a situation, Mike Mohan, who was a hero in the 80s and 90s, has been approached to play the villain character in Vijay's Mersal. But in what faith does he come to Mohan and call him to play a villainous character? He sent atlee back angrily saying that he don't know what kind of hero he was at that time. After that, they replaced him with SJ Suriya as the villain character.
He also acted in this role and received a great response from the fans. But Mohan alone would have earned crores of salary if he had played this character. Also, there will be a chance for him to continue to get big opportunities. Apart from that, he would have received a salary of only one lakh while acting as a hero. And he got out of the field after a period of time. Again, he thought it was a chance and entered the cinema, but this time his range is at another level.
That means Arjun, who is now reborn as the main villain, Mike Mohan will be one of Aravindsamy. Due to his insistence that he will act as a hero if he leaves it behind, his whereabouts are unknown till now. He is acting in some films. But he is currently going around whether it will come out or not. If such a person had used the opportunity in Mersal, he would have been recognized as a good villain in tamil cinema today. Also may earn many crores and become famous. He blindly lost the opportunity he was looking for.

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