Dharmapuri Arvind, a leader of the bharatiya janata party and a member of the nizamabad parliament, is reportedly feeling the heat from within the party over his scathing remarks about Kalvakuntla Kavitha, an MLC for the telangana rashtra samithi and the daughter of chief minister K chandrasekhar Rao. During recent press conferences, Arvind made some derogatory remarks against Kavitha, and as a result, his home came under siege by trs members. But it is said that he received reprimands from the delhi bosses rather than sympathy from the party.

According to reports, the bjp national leadership believes that such remarks made against a female leader will severely harm the party and help Kavitha, who intends to run for the nizamabad parliamentary seat in the upcoming general elections. Additionally, a number of bjp leaders from nizamabad have complained to the party leadership about Arvind, claiming that he was meddling in every assembly district and extorting party cadres. On Saturday, a number of district bjp leaders publicly criticised his haughty demeanour and his use of a one-sided decision-making process to choose the party's assembly convenor in Bodhan.

The local bjp leaders shouted insults at Arvind during a meeting that was held to discuss the preparations needed for bandi sanjay kumar, the state president of the bjp, to conduct his Praja Sangrama yatra from bhainsa on november 28. A number of politicians began yelling anti-Arvind chants as soon as district president B Laxmi Narsaiah opened the meeting. They also urged that the party reconsider choosing the MP's suggestion for the bodhan assembly convenor. The organisation said that before suggesting the name of the convenor, Arvind did not consult local authorities. According to party sources, the top party officials were offended by the MP's behaviour and wished for him to alter his perspective on them.

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