It is no secret that Andhra Pradesh's media is entirely split along political lines. A portion of the media openly supports the telugu desam party and opposes any statements made by the ysr congress party administration, which is led by chief minister Y S jagan Mohan Reddy. The pro-YSRC media, on the other hand, criticises the tdp and other opposition parties for their actions while supporting Jagan's decisions. Both media outlets have neglected to report on and evaluate what is true and what is false in the process.

It was once more clear from the manner in which the andhra pradesh media covered the supreme Court's interim ruling on the amaravati capital issue on Monday. In reality, the order was only two lines long and stated that the bench was delaying the andhra pradesh high court's march 3 decision regarding setting a deadline for the completion of work in the capital city of Amaravati. However, during the hearing, the supreme court bench's judges made a number of questions, some of which questioned the government's choice and others of which questioned the farmers of Amaravati's justification. Naturally, the pro- and anti-Jagan media interpreted the judges' words differently to fit their own political agendas.

They overlooked the fact that the ultimate decision—and not the judges' comments made during the argument—is what matters. However, since just a portion of the high court's decision was given a stay by the supreme court, the impasse over keeping amaravati as Andhra Pradesh's capital has not been resolved.

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