Indian missing in quake-hit Turkey-Death toll rises...

The death toll in the deadly earthquake of 7.8 magnitudes in turkey and syria has increased to more than 11,000. india has also been affected by this earthquake. The Ministry of External Affairs said on wednesday that an indian business executive is missing after the earthquake, who was on a tour of turkey on behalf of his company at that time. Apart from this, 10 other indians have been trapped in the earthquake-affected areas of turkey, but they are completely safe. Efforts are on to get them out of there.

3,000 indians were present in turkey at the time of the earthquake

The Ministry of External Affairs told that 3,000 indians were present in turkey at the time of the earthquake. Information has been received that most of them are safe. It is reported that 10 indians who were stuck in remote areas due to stoppage of traffic in the earthquake-affected areas are also safe. 

According to Sanjay Verma, Secretary (West), Ministry of External Affairs, an indian business executive working in a Bangalore-based company has been reported missing. He was on a business visit to turkey on behalf of his company. We are in contact with his company and his family. At the same time, they are trying to collect information about him through Turkish officials.

The control room has been built in Adana

Sanjay Verma told that we have set up a control room in Adana city of turkey to help indian citizens. S. Jaishankar, the minister of external affairs, provided details about the assistance sent to turkey in a post earlier in the day. He said, under Operation Dost, material, medical supplies and equipment are being sent to syria from India. Along with this, search and rescue teams are being sent to Turkey.

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