Train crash: 3 way disaster - Survivors Recount the Horror...

According to a passenger who claimed to have survived the triple railway accident in Balasore, Odisha, on Friday, he was nearly trampled under by 10 to 15 people before he managed to escape the derailed coach he was in. When he emerged, he saw that bodies with cut limbs and shattered faces were all around him.

The man, whose identity was unknown, told a news organisation that he had hurt his hand, neck, and shoulders. Since being able to exit a derailed coach of one of the passenger trains involved in the collision, he claimed to have been sitting near to the scene of the catastrophe.

The individual said that at the time of the accident, he was dozing off while riding in a coach with "almost general compartment-like reservation." He was abruptly startled awake by the sound of the accident, and before he could react, the coach had derailed and overturned, piling 10 to 15 people on top of him.

"When the disaster occurred and the coach derailed, I was dozing asleep. I awoke immediately, but before I could act, 10 to 15 individuals were standing on top of me, nearly crushing me. The reservation was like a common compartment in the bogie in which we were riding. My shoulders, neck, and arms are all in a lot of pain. I discovered some dead strewn around with chopped limbs and shattered faces when I was finally able to exit the bogie. 

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