Huge saffron army in Adipurush Prerelease..!?

Jai Shriram ... jai Shriram .. Rajaram.. jai Shriram ... jai Shriram .. Rajaram.. jai Shriram ... jai Shriram .. Rajaram.. jai Shriram ... jai Shriram .. Rajaram.. Anywhere This is the motto. Thousands of fans traveled from far and wide for the Adipurush pre-release event in tirupati this evening. But it is understood that the film crew has worked hard to make the Adipurush event unique compared to other events. The makers recreated the ram mandir in ayodhya for the pre-event to give a true feel of Ramayanetihasam.  This huge event is being held at Sri Venkateswara University. Thousands of prabhas fans attended the event. people thronged to watch the replica of Ayodhya's ram mandir projected on LED screens around the stage.
Prabhas - Kriti Sanon - Om Raut - Dev Dutt - sunny singh and others attended this event. In 2023, thousands of prabhas fans thronged to watch the Adipurush most awaited action trailer launch. In fact, more people flocked to this ceremony. But after dividing the barricades into three or four sections, the fans tried to come forward by pushing them with enthusiasm. Some women even jumped over the barricades causing a disturbance on the stage. The hosts had to work hard making announcements for a long time to control the fans. And prabhas fans wearing heavy saffron shirts came to the stage with saffron flags and created a lot of noise by chanting jai Shriram.
Fans have already created a solid buzz on the internet by sharing their excitement on social media sites. Some amazing photos and videos from the event are going viral on social media. In these videos, you can see a recreation of the ram temple in Ayodhya. Interestingly, Hanumandu should see Adipurushu in the cinema hall. But 1 seat has been reserved in each theater for Bajrangbali (Anjaneyuni). The makers announced this ahead of the Adipurush pre-release event in Tirupati.

Videos of prabhas fans starting a huge rally on the roads to reach this ceremony are going viral on social media. It is known that the videos and photos of prabhas seeking blessings in the tirumala temple have already gone viral. At the Adipurush pre-release event, the organizers used huge LED screens to display a replica of the ram temple in Ayodhya. The visuals related to this wallet PLATFORM' target='_blank' title='digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>digital ram mandir are going viral on social media. Apart from that, a huge stage was also built on the university campus. The makers will also release the action trailer of Aadipurush at this event. prabhas fans are eagerly waiting to see this.

Adipurush is directed by Om Raut and the TC series is produced by bhushan Kumar. It stars prabhas as Adipurush, kriti sanon as Janaki, saif ali khan as Lankesh, sunny singh as Laxman, and Devdatta Nage as Hanuman. A bit earlier the makers announced that they will reserve 1 seat in each cinema hall for Hanuman. Fans are very happy with this decision. Aadipurush will release on 16 june 2023 in Hindi-Tamil-Telugu-Malayalam-Kannada languages.

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