Rural Development minister Thamo Anbarasan is going to hold a consultation meeting with the small and micro enterprises today as the electricity tariff for industries has been increased.  The tamil Nadu electricity Department has issued a notification raising the electricity tariff for industries several times. Similarly, along with the electricity tariff, the solar rooftop tariff has also been hiked.

 In protest against this, the tamil Nadu Industrial Power Consumer Federation had announced a one-day strike on september 25 yesterday.  The tamil Nadu government has hiked electricity tariffs for industrial establishments by 430 percent. To withdraw this status, to withdraw the 8-hour peak hour charges for industrial establishments, to change from 3B - TARIFF tariff system to 3A1 - TARIFF tariff system, to cancel the network charges for solar electricity used by industrial establishments, and annually Yesterday, a one-day strike was held across tamil Nadu 

This was held to demand immediate cancellation of the Multi Year Tariff hike notification and refrain from increasing the electricity tariff for two  Protests were especially held in Salem, madurai and coimbatore districts. In this case, Rural industries minister Thamo Anbarasan is going to hold a consultation meeting with small and medium enterprises today. This consultation meeting will be held today at 6 pm at chennai Kindy CITCO office. Representatives of companies from various districts including Tirupur, coimbatore, Trichy are going to participate in this.


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