Kodangal election Results: Revanth-Patnam narendra fight...

One of the constituencies in the telangana assembly elections that is receiving interest is Kodangal. If some individuals in the state are unaware of the name of the kodangal assembly election, it is not an exaggeration. This constituency has a high political priority. Prior to Andhra Pradesh's formation as a separate language state, karnataka was home to the kodangal constituency. This constituency was a part of the united mahbubnagar district prior to the creation of the state of Telangana. It is currently under the districts of Vikarabad and Narayanapet. kodangal constituency includes the mandals of Kosgi, Maddur, Gundumal, and kothapalli in the Narayanapet district, as well as kodangal, Daultabad, Bomraspet, and Dudyal in the Vikarabad district. The number of voters in this constituency is 2,36,625. In this constituency, polling for the 2023 elections shows 81.96 per cent of the total.

In the current assembly elections, incumbent mla Patnam Narender reddy (BRS) is facing off against PCC president revanth Reddy. The two are engaged in a very heated battle. Farmers in karnataka staged protest demonstrations in kodangal ahead of the election, claiming that the congress administration had taken advantage of them over energy. Patnam narendra reddy is sure he will win because of the development projects the constituency has seen during the past five years. Adda na kodangal na adda. revanth declares, "It's my victory," displaying an equal degree of humility.

Voters in the kodangal constituency are clearly prioritizing locals over political parties based on the election pattern thus far. And this time, would the voters in the kodangal Dangal constituency support the incumbent mla, Patnam narendra Reddy? Will you be voting for Congressman revanth reddy in the cm candidate contest? On that subject, everyone is excited. And the bjp fielded Bantu Ramesh Kumar from this area. In the kamareddy constituency, chief minister KCR is running alongside revanth reddy Kodangal.

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