This year, ajay devgn has released several films, including raid 2, Singham Again, and Auron Mein Kaha Dum Tha. ajay had already experienced Shaitan's success and Maidan's terrible performance. However, people have had enough of Ajay's portrayal as an overly protective father doing his utmost to save his daughter in Bhola and Drishyam; in Shaitan, he was seen as such once again!
Many individuals recently attacked Ajay's career on X for lacking effective marketing and for being a dull representation of roles devoid of emotion. They categorically dismissed him as a poor actor and made disparaging comparisons to bollywood actors Akshay and the Khans. Fans, however, emphasized how much he relies on his talent rather than gimmicks for marketing, as well as his nuanced and poignant performances. His versatility is seen in films like as Drishyam, Omkara, and Golmaal. He has portrayed a diverse range of roles in comedic, action, romantic, thriller, and drama genres. To top it all off, he has won four national accolades!
It's true, though, that his most recent releases have fallen short of expectations. In comparison to his previous performances, his characters do feel repetitious and less sympathetic. His success from Singham, Golmaal, Drishyam, and Shivaay has been eclipsed by a string of lacklustre films. We can only hope that Ajay's next ventures will showcase his powerful performance that steals the show on the big screen! Today, his marketing strategy will also be crucial in how successful it is.


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