New mayor within a month and a half-what is the reason?

In delhi, there will be another municipal corporation mayor contest. Only 1.5 months have passed since Shelly Oberoi assumed her position. The results of the delhi Municipal Corporation elections came on december 7, 2022. After several uproars, the mayoral elections were held and on 22 february 2023, Shaili Oberoi of the aam aadmi party was elected the mayor of MCD. It hasn't even been a month and a half since he became mayor and now the mayoral elections are going to be held again. In view of the mutual tussle between the aam aadmi party and the bharatiya janata party, it is feared once again that there is going to be a strong uproar in the election of the Mayor.

Now the biggest question here is that why there will be re-election only one and a half months after the last mayoral election after so much uproar. Considering the importance of the Municipal Corporation of delhi, this fight is going to be very important for bjp and AAP as well. While AAP wants its own mayor by winning the maximum number of seats, bjp also wants to take back the mayor's seat in delhi by any means. 

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