The complete narrative of the paper leak in India...

There is talk about document leaks in government hiring before the 2024 lok sabha elections. A strong law against document leaks is to be one of Congress's five promises, according to the congressman. Eliminating paper leaks during elections is the party's other catchphrase. However, the bjp is also attempting to take the initiative by pursuing severe penalties against those implicated in the Rajasthani document leak incident. But it's been put on the back foot by the recent paper leaks in gujarat and Uttar Pradesh.

Papers from roughly 45 state-wide recruitment exams have been leaked in the past five years. The disclosure of confidential information has directly affected 1.4 crore individuals who were applying for government positions. Paper leak cases persist unabatedly despite legislation being passed in the Center and other states. Since paper leaks have created embarrassment, many countries have discontinued holding recruitment examinations. 

How did paper leaks come to be the nation's most pressing problem?

In Uttar Pradesh, there were reports of a paper leak for the first time in 2014. Next, a CPMT paper leak occurred in UP. The government of akhilesh yadav received a lot of criticism in this leak. In this instance, concerns were also voiced against KGMU, the organization that conducts the exams. The Railway Recruitment Board exam paper was leaked in lucknow in July of this year. The case investigation was turned over to UP STF. The board exam paper was leaked in bihar exactly a year later. In bihar at the time, the bjp was in opposition and raised a lot of controversy.

In 2017, an SSC paper was leaked in Bihar. In this instance, SSC Chairman Sudhir Kumar was taken into custody. Paper leaks became to be a major issue for the nation over time. 41 documents were leaked in the previous five years, according to a research on paper leaks that indian Express just published. This number rises to 45 when the 2024 numbers are included.

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