Are you suffering from Anemia-try this remedy...

Including vitamin C-rich beverages in your diet can help your body's iron levels and avoid hemoglobin deficiency. vitamin c helps the body assimilate iron more readily.

An vital nutrient that is crucial to our body's overall health is vitamin C. It acts as an antioxidant, aids in iron absorption, and aids in collagen production in addition to boosting the immune system. Numerous health issues can result from iron deficiencies brought on by inadequate vitamin c consumption. This leads to a number of issues, including anemia, tiredness, brittleness, hair loss, and lack of sleep. Here, we'll discuss juices that are high in vitamin C. If you start consuming them, your blood will be completely satiated and your skin and hair will be healthy. 

Kiwi Juice: Great source of vitamin c is the kiwi fruit, which can also aid the body's iron levels. Actinidin, a protein found in kiwis, aids in the digestion of iron and improves the body's ability to absorb it. Kiwi juice or kiwis added to smoothies can significantly increase vitamin c intake and aid in the battle against iron deficiency.

Lemonade: Lemon is a citrus fruit that includes natural acids that improve the body's ability to absorb iron and is high in vitamin C. Daily consumption of lemon water can help the body absorb more iron and combat anemia.

Amla juice: Another beverage high in vitamin c that can strengthen the immune system and help with iron assimilation is amla juice. It is a delicacy with significant vitamin c content. Regularly consuming amla juice can raise iron levels and avoid iron deficiency.

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