How To Control diabetes Naturally- Try these drinks?P2

The secret to managing either prediabetes or diabetes is understanding how to naturally lower your blood sugar levels. Take into account doing things like working out frequently, consuming more fibre, including more snacks, and increasing your probiotic consumption.

Hydration can lower blood sugar levels and the chance of developing diabetes. Avoid liquids with added sugar and opt instead for water and zero-calorie beverages.

Vegetable juice also gives benefits

It is more beneficial for diabetes patients to drink vegetable juice instead of fruit juice in summer. The reason for this is natural sugar in fruits, it can affect your blood sugar. Along with controlling blood sugar, the juice of such vegetables also keeps blood pressure right.

Coconut water is the best medicine

Coconut water is no less than a medicine for diabetes patients in summer. Apart from being delicious, it is full of many nutrients. It comes in low glycemic index. Along with giving energy, it also controls blood sugar.

Buttermilk is the best summer drink

Buttermilk is found in almost every household. In the village, people consume it fiercely in the morning and afternoon. Along with keeping the stomach cold, it does not allow blood sugar to cholesterol level to get high. It is also a good drink for diabetic patients. The reason for this is that very less amount of calories and fat is found in buttermilk.

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