After "Sitaramam"'s phenomenal box office success, director Hanu Raghavapudi has become extremely well-known. The film's letter-sending sequence and overall narrative, as the director admitted, were lifted from French films, but audiences were primarily interested in the brilliant visual design of the production. If the speculations are accurate, he is now prepared to work as Prabhas' director.

Hanu reportedly tried actors like ram Charan, Surya, Karthi, and nani for his subsequent film, but none of them seemed interested for a variety of reasons. Finally, it has come to light that prabhas was so taken with the manner he was writing love tales that he requested him to create another war picture with a love narrative set against it.

According to reports, he created a global war background narrative with friendship and love at its center. The plot is reported to be entirely unique and not based on anything else. Hanu is excited about the possibility that the news about this future movie may be released in a few weeks if all goes according to plan. Fans are concerned as to why prabhas chose filmmakers like Maruthi initially and Hanu now, despite the fact that they produced some excellent films.

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