This actor's whole body has so many problems..!?

45-year-old vishal hinted that he would get married after completing the construction of the actor's union building. But the building is not built, and the marriage is not done. Not only that, vishal, who has been involved in a fraud case, is now only focused on acting in films. Due to this, he has chosen quality films and directors and is showing more seriousness in acting than before. But his time is not enough and he has a whole body problem, so he tied the knot and left for that country for treatment. vishal plays a dual role in this time travel-based film. The teaser of this film was recently released and trended.So he put the dubbing as is and left for treatment. Like Simbu, he goes to kerala and does an oil massage. Even vishal was not yet married and by then many problems had occurred in his body. He could not stand for long. Terrible pain in the spine. He already has an eye problem. The headache problem is different. As he is surrounded by many such problems, he naturally goes to kerala and takes treatment.
After undergoing Ayurvedic treatment there for a month, Mark Antony is going to dub for the film. Apart from that, hari is taking up Vanagan with Arun Vijay, and after completing that film, he is also planning to act in a film with the Vishal-Hari alliance.

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