Why do kollywood heroes don't go on vacation..!?

Going on vacation is an art. And not everyone has it. Four countries should be covered. Enjoying the beauty there is not for everyone. It seems that tollywood heroes, bollywood celebrities, and other language celebrities do not go on vacations much. Whether it's a holiday or not! Taking some time off for a break and going abroad is something that some heroes in tollywood do regularly. Enjoy a jolly trip for a fortnight by choosing a plane with your family. This culture grows even more now in Tollywood. heroines and anchors are also languishing in islands like bollywood heroines. It will get the desired publicity. They are losing four stone in the name of photo shoots.
In the bollywood style, this posh culture in tollywood will soon become widespread. Why do kollywood heroes not do this kind of side industry? How long do they have to work hard? Is there another spread? That seems to be the case. The heroes there don't seem to go on vacations much. Except for some like Surya, and Kamal Haasan! Most big-name heroes are not the type to leave Chennai. If so, they will be on film sets. Or spend time at home with family! It seems that there is not much hope of traveling abroad.
In general, their film shootings do not take place abroad. As far as possible it will be wrapped in India. Sets are added for the necessary scenes and completed in that too. Some heroes are following a strategy that all this should not be an additional burden on the producer. They have other ideas than work. From the negotiation stage to the completion of the project, they stay with the initiative. The heroes work with the director team on how to give the best shot. Especially actors like Vijay... Suriya... Karthi... Kamal Haasan... vishal is taking the lead in this way.

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