There has been conflicting talk from various quarters ever since the young entertainer Mem Famous debuted on television. There is a lot of trolling directed at the movie and its actors. In fact, some people have bemoaned the movie and gone on to call it "YouTube" content. But SS rajamouli, a director with international acclaim, startled everyone by praising Mem Famous and its staff. rajamouli expressed his review of the movie after seeing it. rajamouli, one of India's most coveted directors, praised the film's star Sumanth, who also wrote and directed it.

After a long time, rajamouli claimed to have watched a movie in a theatre. Sumanth, the main actor, will have a successful future as an actor and director, he added. He claimed that all the characters were nicely developed and that the actors acted organically.

"I recently truly liked a movie in a theatre. Sumanth, beware of this person. He has a promising future as a filmmaker and performer. Each character was skillfully crafted, and the actors gave natural performances. in particular Anji mom. I heartily urge everyone to try it. youth ni cheyyale encourage. Cheyyodhu dham dham. "#MemFamous," SS rajamouli tweeted.

Rajamouli's tweet is anticipated to be extremely significant for the film. The movie had a respectable opening and performed ok over the first weekend. The success of this movie depends on how well it does at the box office this week. Mem Famous, including thursday night special shows, reportedly made nearly Rs 3.1 crore in worldwide box office revenue in just three days.

Now, it's anticipated that Rajamouli's tweet will significantly help the movie. Let's wait and see what the movie has in store.

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