Vijay surprised Anirudh by doing this..!? Froze in Shock..!

Thalapathy Vijay is multi-faceted, it is known to many. Many people mocked and teased that he was not even fit to act as a hero, but he developed many skills. Thus Vijay got the name 'No One Can Dance'. Similarly, Vijay has been singing songs in his films since the beginning. He has sung in many films with his mother Sobha. Vijay, who skipped singing for some time in between, now regularly sings a song in his films.

Especially the songs sung by Vijay will appeal to children in a big way. Now Vijay is acting in Leo. In the film too, a song has been composed in Vijay's voice. First Anirudh sang this song once and rehearsed it and showed it to Vijay. If Thalapathy gives a dash, he can make a road, and keeping that in mind, he finished singing the song in an hour. That means Vijay came to the recording studio at nine o'clock, finished the song at ten o'clock, and left.
Normally even professional singers cannot sing a song so fast in an hour. But without making a single mistake, Vijay sang and left in an hour with the right hammer. Hearing this, Anirudh froze in shock. It is a known fact that Vijay is a good actor. But whether he has such a singing talent in him, Anirudh praises Thalapathy in his style and hesitates. That song sung by Vijay is being developed on another level. Anirudh has assured us that everyone will definitely like this song.

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