Anupama Parameswaran stated that "every exit is an admission to somewhere else." It's her cunning answer to the ongoing debate over her removal from "DJ Tillu 2." anupama parameswaran posted a picture of herself from a year prior along with this saying regarding "departure and entry." Although she didn't adopt the moniker "DJ Tillu 2," the emojis she employed and her sarcastic posting manner imply that it was her cunning response to the uproar.

For those who are unaware, anupama parameswaran was compelled to quit filming "DJ Tillu 2" after just a few days. The primary actor in the movie, siddhu Jonnalagadda, ghost-directed it. He was given total creative freedom by the producers. Strong-willed persons Anupama Parameswarana and siddhu are allegedly the cause of the schism because their egos. She left the project as a result.

In dj Tillu Part 2, she has been cast to portray the female lead. The most recent speculations are circulating that the premam actress reportedly quit the movie for an unspecified reason. However, neither Anupama nor the creators of dj Tillu 2 have made anything official to date. Anupama's next career-related appearance will be in 18 pages. Nikhil plays her lover boy in the movie. sukumar wrote the script, and palnati surya pratap is the director. On december 23, it will be shown in theaters.

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