The epic mythological picture Shaakuntalam, starring samantha Ruth Prabhu, will premiere on april 14, 2023. samantha has been fighting myositis, a rare disease that causes excruciating muscle pains, in between promotions. A photo of samantha from the trailer launch recently got viral. Despite being ill, the actress went to the premiere. However, a user didn't take the time to notice and remark negatively about her looks. samantha handled it gracefully.

But in a private conversation, when questioned if these remarks bother her in any way, samantha said that the lack of empathy is frightening. "I believe I realize that cynicism has reached an all-time high in our world. "The lack of empathy is frightening," said Samantha.

Because people are not compassionate towards one another, a large portion of the populace is being driven into depression and anxiety. I do comprehend, though, as anxiety and depression are two diseases that are currently steadily on the rise. I believe I have a better understanding of how to value myself. I will be able to tune out the noise and pay attention to the voice in my mind that tells me, "You've come a long way." samantha said, "You are strong, and you have so much experience that none of them can ever fathom.

So no one's snarky remark is going to devalue my experience of the past eight months, and no one is going to think that my beauty isn't external right now, but rather internal, the stunning actress exclaimed in response to the trolls. She talked about how this experience had made her appreciate herself more. "In the past, I always thought I was fine! You certainly have a lovely appearance, but maybe deep down I wasn't really convinced. But now, I do think that my trials have made me strong and beautiful.

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