An actor cannot become a star by virtue of being a star kid; it merely serves as a launching pad for his career in movies. To become a star, he needs to rack up tremendous hits. dhruv Vikram, the son of tamil actor Chiyaan Vikram, debuted four years ago but hasn't yet established himself in the business.

In 2019, dhruv made his screen debut in the Aditya varma movie. The popular telugu film arjun reddy has been officially remade. Girisaaya served as the director. Aditya varma underwhelmed the crowd and continued to do poorly at the box office. After a lengthy hiatus, dhruv returned with Mahaan last year.

This film, which was directed by karthik Subbaraj, also starred his father vikram in the starring position. dhruv was depicted as a police officer, whereas vikram played the part of a mobster. amazon Prime Video hosted a straight OTT release of it. dhruv garnered praise for his performance, however, Mahaan was not labeled as a "hit."

Dhruv is now determined to achieve his first success at whatever cost. It was recently reported that he would work with the filmmaker Maari Selvaraj. Maari Selvaraj is currently preoccupied with the tasks associated with his ongoing project Maamannan. Once he finishes working on Maamannan, he will begin producing Dhruv's movie.

Before beginning Maari Selvaraj's film, dhruv is reportedly intending to work on a new project with Dada director Ganesh Babu. It is anticipated that this project will shortly receive an official announcement. We must wait and watch if any of these flicks would bring dhruv his first commercial success.

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