Despite the fact that she doesn't have the physique of a famous heroine, her excellent acting skills and magnetic screen presence have made her a highly sought-after superstar in Telugu. The star heroine actually made an attempt to communicate with someone, but that attempt failed miserably, further complicating her personal life.

The famous heroine is reportedly interested in a certain guy, but her parents won't approve of her decision. To ease the conversation, the actress began talking about her boyfriend on social media, implying that they are 'only' pals. Her parents took the situation seriously and said that their daughter is not dating anyone after learning that the media was writing about the newest pair in town.

The problem is that the lead character is unable to publicly criticize the news while also failing to persuade her parents that the guy she wants in her life is the right choice. They claim that her personal life has suddenly become a complete mess. However, given that the heroine has an almost 6-7 year career ahead of her if she plans it well, many are questioning whether the heroine is truly serious about what she is doing. What transpires in her life after that must be seen.

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