Everyone began to wonder why Young tiger ntr is not taking a break on his personal vacation after the picture of him kicking an iron in the gym surfaced the other day. Rumour has it that tarak is working hard to get in great condition again for a good cause.

According to reports, Hrithik Roshan's war 2 will start filming at the end of this year, or most likely in december 2023. director Koratala Siva has only six months to complete #NTR30, which is now titled "Devara," before that. Because of this, the director is alleged to have arranged the upcoming timetable beginning in June, and ntr should be prepared for it. The actor is now working out whenever and wherever he can in order to be available in the best shape and fitness.

On the other hand, the next five months are extremely important for Devara because the director must produce something greater and better than acharya Blues, and ntr must maintain the global star image he acquired thanks to the huge success of rrr in the west. All things considered, Devara updates are now incredibly thrilling fans.

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