Vishwak Sen, a young hero, has experimented with a variety of flicks. Although he hasn't noticed a significant increase in his market, there is an effort to test out fresh scripts. Now, under a new director, Vishwak has set out to make a startlingly unconventional movie. Shine Screens, who are currently doing Balakrishna's NBK108, will finance the movie. Vishwak was impressed by a first-time director's script, and the same is about to be revealed.

The startling aspect of this is that Vishwak will appear in the movie as a woman. In the movie's second half, he will be seen dressed as a woman. In Tollywood, a young hero wouldn't do something like this, but Vishwak is ready to try something different this time. Once his current obligations are completed, he will change and start losing weight. This project will start filming in the appropriate manner. The movie's working title is Leela.

On the flip hand, he also published a mysterious status on his instagram page yesterday, stating, "I have experienced success and failure, both admired and criticised, questioned for the faults I haven't made, blamed, and respected my hard work. I may have made some unintentional blunders and received criticism, but I never hurt or deceived anybody.

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