Last weekend witnessed three brand-new theatrical films from Tollywood: Ahimsa, Pareshan, and Nenu Student Sir. Unfortunately for them, none of these films have performed well at the box office. The box office is completely dead for Ahimsa. suresh Babu seems to have given up on the first movie of his son Abhiram. teja made an effort to promote the movie, but it was unable to get off the ground at the box offices. The out-of-date material has hurt the cause.
Telangana's rustic beauty is seen in Pareshan. It has a few shining moments, but mostly, it's been a wet squib. The narration's shortcomings outweigh the comparatively few strictly excellent comedic sequences. It was unable to generate any buzz at the box office.
Bellamkonda is featured in Nenu Studen Sir.

Ganesh likewise had a horrible first weekend at the box office. Of the three recent films, the thriller has the superior idea, but the execution is weak, which causes the movie to stumble. Poor reviews have been given to Ganesh's performance, with many criticising his pitiful performance and limited skill set. This may be his second consecutive failure. Stay tuned for more updates.


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