Adah Sharma, who plays adah in The kerala Story, has responded to a fan's assertion that her film is not showing "in a single" theatre in Kolkata. The kerala Story was outlawed in West bengal on May 8 by chief minister Mamata Banerjee "to avoid any incident of hatred and violence." The state's ban on the movie was removed a few weeks ago by the supreme Court.

On Twitter, a user of the internet stated that while they would be willing to pay Rs 500 to see the movie, "not a single show is available in Kolkata." The fan has received an apology from adah sharma for the inconvenience. Adah's response to the user's tweet was, "I'm really, really sorry, the ban has been lifted but it's not in our hands to screen the film."

Adah Sharma's The kerala Story debuted in theatres on May 5 under intense controversy and several petitions against its distribution. It centres on a Hindu lady from kerala who is smuggled to the Islamic State of iraq and syria (ISIS) and converted to Islam. producer of The kerala Story vipul shah had earlier stated, in an exclusive interview with News18 Showsha, that his movie was still not playing in West Bengal. He said that the police and other authorities were intimidating theatre owners and threatening to revoke their licences if they showed The kerala Story.

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