The stunning malayalam actress priya Prakash Varrier, who gained over 10 million instagram followers in a single day after her 'wink' video received millions of views on social media, has become an overnight celebrity. Since then, she has gained notoriety as a "wink beauty," and the video in question is an excerpt from Omar Lulu's film Oru Adaar Love, which is about a high school romance. Now comes a fascinating passage.

The actress recently made some extravagant claims, claiming that she was the one who thought up the film's well-known "wink" notion. How much of that is actually true? The accusations are false, according to director Omar Lulu. He posted videos of priya prakash varrier contradicting herself in interviews on his instagram page.

Although she now claimed credit for herself, in the past she had claimed that the director had requested it. Now that he has made light of her apparent memory lapse, Omar has suggested that she take Vallyachandanadi, an ayurvedic medication for memory loss, which he had before offered in a tv appearance five years prior.

Even while this has stirred discussions on social media, many internet users have ignored their disagreement, pointing out that their only noteworthy contributions were an eyebrow lift and a wink. Omar Lulu's comments on instagram have not yet received a response from priya Prakash Varrier, and neither the filmmaker nor the actress were able to capitalise on their first storm. We should talk about that further here!

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