Shilpa Shetty, shamita shetty performed the Sakat step while husband raj Kundra danced with his face covered during the Ganapana Vashkar of actress Shilpashetti's house. The people of the country are celebrating Ganesha festival. Even now, Ganesha's dissolution has also taken place in many places. In some places, the excitement is still at home. When it comes to Bollywood, actress shilpa shetty has raised her hand in the festivities. kannada beauty shilpa shetty is one of the cutest actresses of Bollywood. He has not fallen behind in terms of festivals and traditions. Every time he celebrates Ganeshotsava at home. This time, a grand festival was celebrated at shilpa Shetty's house. Now the curtain has fallen on the festival. The family members including shilpa shetty and her sister shamita shetty have taken a huge step during the immersion of Ganesha. shilpa shetty along with her family members including mother, sister shamita shetty, husband raj Kundra and children Viaan and Sameesha bid an emotional farewell to Bappa. shilpa looked gorgeous in a traditional outfit and performed aarti with her family before Ganpati Visarjana. Shetty sisters shilpa and Shamita Vesarjan stepped up at the event.

One thing is highlighted here, Sakat is also becoming a troll. shilpa Shetty's husband raj Kundra was trolled for bringing Ganesha home with his face covered. Now he is being trolled again for appearing with his wife with his face covered during Ganesha's discharge. Trollers are commenting on this. Rajkundra seen in Kurta. He was seen wearing a mask on his face during Ganapati's discharge.

After all, in 2021, shilpa Baalli stormed, it is a matter known to all. Her husband, famous businessman raj Kundra was involved in the porn film case. The police had provided many evidences that raj Kundra was making blue films using actresses and models. He was in jail for 63 days on blue film charges. Even today, raj Kundra is facing the accusation of being involved in the production business of blue films. raj Kundra had made a statement that 'I have not made a blue film, only a erotic film'. He did not admit that he was doing bluefilm. But in this case shilpa Shetty's name was also mentioned along with many actresses.

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