Vanitha suffers from a rare disease like Samantha..!?

Controversial actress Vanitha Vijayakumar's information about a rare disease has shocked fans. After actress samantha openly announced about her myositis problem, many actresses started speaking openly about their rare disease and its effects. Vanitha Vijayakumar, who started her second innings with Bigg Boss, also spoke about her rare problem in an interview. In the past year alone, many actresses have shared their physical struggles with their fans. In that way, Poonam Kaur, who made her debut in the film in Tamil, said that she was suffering from a rare disease called fibromyalgia. After this, Piya Bajpayee, who acted in films like Goa, Khatam Oru Iruttarairevealed that she was also suffering from myositis and was unable to act in many films due to this. Even recently, actress mamata Mohan Das gave a shocker by saying that her skin color is changing and that she is suffering from a rare pigment deficiency. Among them, actress Vanitha vijayakumar also spoke about her problem. In a recent interview, Vanitha vijayakumar said that she has been suffering from claustrophobia for many years. Due to this problem, she said that she cannot stay in small places or places like bathroom and lift for a long time.

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