Many tdp supporters took to the streets to demonstrate against Chandrababu Naidu's incarceration. Several members of the film industry, including Rajinikanth and veteran producer Ashwini Dutt, pledged their support for Chandrababu. Another prominent telugu film producer, KS Rama Rao, recently questioned Chandrababu's incarceration in an open letter to prime minister Narendra Modi.

"Chandrababu Naidu was arrested while you were at the G20 summit and while cm jagan was in London," KS Rama Rao writes in his open letter. I'm asking because I'm weary of the unmanageable frauds, political retaliation, fabricated cases, instability, and degradation of law and order today.

I am outraged that Chandrababu was forced into prison by making accusations without any supporting proof. I have no connections to any political organisations. But I'm sick with the state of things as a resident of this state and this nation. Chandrababu was elected as the state's chief minister (CM). For the sake of future generations, he designated amaravati as the state capital, and you officially opened it. After that, a guy who had previously served a 16-month prison sentence rose to power and began demolishing Prajavedika because they did not want amaravathi to become the state capital. jagan should have been informed of the new state capital, according to you.

Thousands of individuals now are having wonderful lives in various countries while working in IT, all thanks to Chandrababu. They were shocked by Chandrababu's detention, which is why they are on the streets protesting Naidu's arrest. You ought to have seen them protest. You should witness the heartbreaking distress of the telugu community at the arrest of a guy who served the state as a chief minister for 14 years. Release chandrababu naidu right away and, using your position as prime minister, oust Jagan's administration. Bring in the president's rule till the next election. With such deed, you will get the telugu people's respect. To restore democracy to the state, kindly reply right now.

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