Fraud Shetty With naveen polishetty and anushka shetty as the lead characters, Mr. Polishetty is a romantic family comedy. Produced by vamsi and Pramod, this film is directed by Mahesh Babu.P. The movie brought in a staggering 2.5 million dollars in the USA. And it also reported respectable sales in telugu states. The movie is thriving worldwide thanks to the overwhelmingly favourable word-of-mouth and the blockbuster celebrity reviews.

Naveen Polishetty expressed his sincere gratitude to the audience and to all the celebs who tweeted in favour of the movie during yesterday's blockbuster festivities. "I want to thank the telugu audience for giving us such a big hit despite many challenges," he remarked. The favourable word of mouth made this feasible.

The actor talked about the team's worries and issues before to the film's release. He claimed that despite several issues, such as postponements and delays in the post-production process, the crowd supported us. We questioned if they would embrace the novel argument that Miss Shetty Mr. Polishetty was meant to make.

He said, "First we presented megastar chiranjeevi garu our movie, and he spoke with us for two hours about the movie. He provided the much-needed assurance that the film will be a success. The outcome was as he had predicted. Additionally, I'd like to thank Prabhas, Mahesh, ravi Teja, Rajamouli, Samantha, and all the other celebs that tweeted in favour of our movie.

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