Reportedly the trailer of Akshay Kumar’s upcoming film Mission raniganj has been released. The

trailer of the film looks quite powerful, whose story is based on a true incident. It is shown in

the trailer how Sardar Jaswant Singh has saved the lives of many laborers by risking his life.

The trailer of the film looks no less than a cinematic treat and surprise. A very small glimpse

of Parineeti can be seen in the trailer.

The story is based on a true incident

The story of the film is of the year 1998 when a major incident took place in the coal mine of

Raniganj, West Bengal. This accident shook the entire country. Then engineer Jaswant Singh

Gill single-handedly saved the lives of 65 people by becoming a messiah. Without caring

about his life, Jaswant Singh was determined to save all the laborers from trouble. In such a

situation, he made a solid plan and then saved all the workers from the clutches of death.

Akshay Kumar seen in a powerful role

Akshay Kumar is seen in the role of Jaswant Singh Gill in the film. His entry in the film is

quite impressive. While sharing this trailer, Akshay said that the film is ready to hit the

theaters on october 6 this year. This rescue thriller starring akshay kumar and Parineeti

Chopra has a massive cast and is set to be the biggest coal mine rescue operation ever seen on

the silver screen. Positive responses are coming from fans regarding the trailer. people are

liking the story of the film very much. In such a situation, now fans are eagerly waiting for

this film of Akshay Kumar.

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