The songs that have been published thus far haven't won over music fans, and a forthcoming film that is being produced on a gigantic scale is now creating absolutely no buzz. Many people are perplexed as to why the hot-shot director of the movie hasn't planned any publicity strategies instead of keeping a low profile. A bird communicates with humans as follows.

Actually, the movie was meant to be out a month later, but on the producer and hero's request, it was released on the new date instead. And it left the music composer, who is really in charge of many films that are slated for release next month, with little time. The composer is believed to have scored this movie in a routine manner since he has to finish it up ahead of time, yet the background score lacks any vitality or vigour. The director is not happy with the final product and is working with the composer's team at a well-known lab in hyderabad to modify some parts because he is recognised for getting fantastic BGM from his composers.

The producers are currently illiterate about how to create an effective advertising strategy with the release only two weeks away, and the director may not participate in any marketing since he is preoccupied with his BGM fixation. It's possible that this is the cause of the hotshot director's absence from the current promotional spotlight.

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