The setting for athidhi is a spooky house. There, a writer named ravi (Venu Tottempudi) resides with his paralysed wife Sandhya (Aditi Gautam). Avintika Mishra's sensual and stunning character maya arrives on the door one lovely day. In contrast, a YouTuber named Savaari who is well known for debunking ghostly urban legends also enters the home. 

A police officer by the name of Prakash then joins in. YouTuber Saavari eventually has the shock of his life when he first notices maya as a ghost. In a startling turn of events, the area becomes uncomfortable and everyone feels like a ghost is around. Maya—is she a ghost? Is ravi concealing something? What is the ghost's true origin story? That is how Athidhi's tale is composed.

The immaculate venu Tottempudi makes his OTT debut with Athidi after making a comeback. He perfectly underplays his part and uses subtle expressions and emotions, which was just what the production called for. His performance serves as one of the high points and helps athidhi relax. Aditi Gautam, who portrays Venu's wife, is only adequate. Now, it's confirmed that the series will have a second season with new characters.

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