During the akhanda movie's premiere in the USA, several cinemas asked the producers to turn down the sound and play the movie so that their equipment wouldn't be damaged, and some provided supplementary warnings to the viewers to protect their hearing. Fans, however, at the time reacted quite favourably to it and extolled SS Thaman's technical and artistic prowess. The loudness of the skanda BGM has also been the subject of recent concerns, albeit for different reasons.
The soundtrack of akhanda was so intense back then, even though it was a loud volume track, that it enhanced the mood of each scene and kept viewers captivated to the screens. Skanda, on the other hand, has a background soundtrack that is so loud that it gives the viewer a headache and makes several sequences unwatchable. Is it a technical issue that encouraged Thaman to increase the volume or was that something boyapati intended the audience to hear? The greatest Dolby Sound system in the city, Guntur's Gowri shankar Theatre,posted a complaint about the loudness levels.

Some believe that Gowri shankar Theatre's post about Thaman is an attempt to praise him, but the truth is that the unwelcome loudness that Thaman produces is very interesting when heard inside theatres that record and mix their audio using the best Dolby equipment; however, the same feeling won't exist in theatres that only have end-user speakers installed. I hope the master of the background music is interpreting this.

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