Ram Charan, a megastar, will soon begin production on a movie under Buchi Babu's direction. Rasha Thadani, the daughter of Raveena Tandon, is a candidate for the main part in this production, however no choice has been made as of yet. Rasha allegedly recently participated in screen tests with Buchi Babu to check whether her appearance is appropriate for the role he has in mind for the movie.

Rasha Tadani could be selected for the project if her screen test matches the part that the director has in mind for her. ram charan is probably going to agree with Buchi Babu's choice in this case. The director is screening several prospective candidates in addition to Rasha, and the choice will be made announced shortly. The soundtrack for this movie will be written by AR Rahman, and Buchi Babu and rahman have already started working together.

According to sources, a song for the film has already been decided upon, and a preliminary version of the composition is prepared. The "Game Changer" film is being made by ram charan under Shankar's supervision. After that undertaking is over, Buchi Babu's movie will start to be made.

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