After the unprecedented success of the kgf Franchise, yash is eager to partner with national Award-Winning filmmaker Geetu Mohandas for his next project, according to india Herald. We also claimed that the film will begin production in december 2023. yash posted to social media a few days ago to remind all of his supporters that yash 19 would be announced on december 8, 2023. And now we have some unique news for all of you.

According to sources close to the project, the combo of yash and Geetu Mohandas have packed a punch by bringing on board a strong star cast. Contrary to speculations that the film will only have one female protagonist, Pinkvilla has exclusively learned that three actresses will be joining the cast for significant roles in yash 19. "The names of all the three leading ladies have been kept under wraps, but the team has already locked the entire cast of this ambitious action thriller with yash in grey shades," according to a person with knowledge of the project.

Yash's choice startled everyone because he has established himself as a public hero, but Geetu Mohandas hails from an entirely different school of cinema. Yash, on the other hand, opted to move forward with a screenplay that deserves his presence rather than pursuing the bigger stars. Over the previous year, he has worked closely with Geetu on all parts of the project, and he is now finally ready to start shooting.

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