Ajith should have acted in Jeans movie..!?

Did you know that prashant was not Shankar's first choice to play the hero in Jeans? Jeans is one of the tamil films that has been well-received by the fans. This film released in 1998 was directed by Shankar. aishwarya Rai acted opposite Prashanth who played a dual role. Also, Nasser, Lakshmi, Radhika, Raju Sundaram, Senthil, sv Shekhar, and others acted in this film. The film was well received both at the box office and the box office. Made on a budget of 20 crores, the film was the most expensive film made in india during that period. Also, Jeans was nominated for an oscar for Best Foreign language Film. But this film did not feature in the final nomination. 25 years after the release of this film, the film remains a favorite of 90s kids. Composed by AR Rahman, every song in Jeans' is a big hit, and rahman will also score the film's background score. His music made the film Rahman's evergreen album. Jean's songs are still featured in many people's playlists today.
Actor Prashanth has given an amazing performance in the roles of twin brothers Vishu and Ramu. But did you know that prashant was not Shankar's first choice to play the hero in Jeans? Yes. Initially, shankar decided to direct the film Jeans with actor Abbas. But as abbas was committed to acting in many films throughout the year, he refused to act in the film due to the call sheet problem. After this, Shankar's next choice actor is Ajith. But ajith also has a problem with the callsheet. He was also busy during that period and could not act in Jeans. After that, shankar approached prashant and told the story.Shankar also decided to make Jeans as a full-length comedy. shankar first chose Goundamani for the character of Nasser, who played Prashanth's father. But as Kaundamani could not act due to the call sheet problem, shankar changed it from a comedy to a love story. No matter how many years the movie Jeans released after many changes, there is no doubt that it has a place in the hearts of the fans.

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