Prasanth Varma's jai Hanuman is one of the most eagerly awaited tollywood films. Recently, the first installment of Hanuman was released, and it became an enormous financial success for all those concerned. In addition to grossing enormous sums of money, the film won the young filmmaker praise for his inventiveness and ability to come up with such a concept on a tight budget.

With over Rs 300Cr in revenue, Hanuman is a remarkable blockbuster that has become the highest-grossing sankranti film ever and one of the highest-grossing films in tollywood history. By introducing jai Hanuman at the end of Hanuman and letting the audience know what to expect from the sequel, Prasanth varma brought the film to a thrilling conclusion.
Since the filmmaker has formally declared that pre-production on the movie has started, fans and viewers had assumed that the movie will premiere in 2025. In an interview with the media, teja Sajja clarified the situation and stated that it would require a lot more time. He also stated that he would make other films at this period.

He added that because it is a big-budget film, a 2025 release is not feasible. Everyone is excited to see who portrays Hanuman in the film, which is highly anticipated. The new release date for the movie is set for 2026. There has been a lot of excitement about the film's casting, and we won't find out who plays the role until later. In this follow-up, teja Sajja will reprise his role as Hanumanthu.

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