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Chiyaan 62 Update: An update about the 62nd film of Chiyaan Vikram, who gave many good quality films in the tamil film world, has been released.

Chiyaan vikram is one of the best actors in the tamil film industry who takes his body to the extreme for the role he takes up next to the global hero Kamal Haasan. In his performance, Ba already He recently released an update on his 62nd film, with Ranjith's 'Thangalan' and gautham Vasudevan's 'Dhuruva Nakshatram' both awaiting release.


Accordingly, there were reports that Vikram's 62 film will be made under the direction of Arun Kumar, who directed the film "Sittha" with famous actor siddharth last year. Also, there are reports that famous music composer gv prakash will compose the music for this film.

Chiyaan 62

After this, it was already announced that an important update from the film "Seyyan 62" will be released this evening. Accordingly, the official information has come out that the veteran and famous malayalam actor Suraj Venjaramoodu is now going to act in the movie Seiyaan 62. He has acted in several quality movies like Driving License, The Great indian Kitchen.

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