Dhanush gossips with Meena..!? Suchitra's interview explodes..!?

Suchitra's video is now going viral on the internet. Especially what he talked about Dhanush is being talked about now. That is, dhanush mentioned that Suchitra's ex-husband karthik kumar was alone in the same room. Suchitra had spoken harshly that both of them were very bad. And they needed a twitter account to brand. Only then did karthik give his account to Dhanush. And Suchitra had said that both dhanush and Meena were going to get married. Earlier, Bailwan Ranganathan had created a rumor that they were married.

Now again, Suchitra is saying that it has exploded into controversy. Meena's husband Sagar died last year due to a lung problem. Similarly, last year, both dhanush and aishwarya ended up getting divorced due to disagreements. Suchitra's statement that meena and dhanush will get married in such an environment has caused a stir in the film circles. Film critic Anthanan has given an interview on his YouTube channel.

This matter may pass if someone else mentions it. Suchitra, who has been in cinema for many years, is close to Dhanush. She has put them in an incomprehensible place where we do not know whether this thing is true or false. Anthanan also says that even though Suchitra has said that this is something, this issue will take over in the future. Now that Dhanush's films are released one after the other, there is a possibility that his films will be affected by this interview with Suchitra.

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