Accordingly three back to back web series that were aired on Netflix have enthralled alternate-content seeking binge-watchers in india big time. Meanwhile they are none other than Leila, Ghoul and Sacred Games. Presently that the second season of Sacred Games is getting streamed big time, a Sivasena activist filed a complaint against the digital streaming giant.

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Meanwhile Shiv Sena's IT cell member Ramesh Solanki filed a complaint against Netflix for defaming Hindusim and the idea of Bharat through these shows. Furthermore he pointed out in his complaint to mumbai police that the series 'Sacred Games' showcased Hindu gurus in bad light and made fun of the line 'Aham Brahmasmi'. Further he wrote that 'Leila', a story set in dystopian world that has Hindu-spiritual leaders ruling the world, is painting black on the religion at a global level. 

Moreover at the same time, he pointed out that radhika APTE' target='_blank' title='click here to read more about radhika APTE'>radhika apte's Ghoul made fun of Indian army and portrayed them as killers of innocent people. Perhaps he asked to take action of comedian Hasan Minhaj whose standup comedy show 'Patriot Act' on Netflix, had him making fun of abrogation of Article 370 and he sought a ban on all these programs and recommended to introduce Censorship in the digital world too. Apparently Indian filmmakers never carve path breaking content and if someone like Netflix gives them a chance to do, these conservating pseudo activists try to disrupt it say experts.

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