Smriti Irani has become enemy No 1 for Congress!!

No matter how much talk about the congress in the current political scenario, but it is also true that the defeat of Amethi in 2019 has created a dissatisfaction in the congress more than the defeat of the Lok Sabha. Due to which a group of top leaders has arisen against the gandhi family.

The defeat of the 2019 lok sabha elections did not disappoint the congress as much as it got from the defeat of Amethi. NDA's victory in this election was also unexpected. For the first time in the second lok sabha elections, the nda returned to power by registering a victory. That too at a much longer interval than before. people were speculating that even if nda wins this time, like 2014, bjp alone will hardly be able to reach that magical figure of forming the government. But when the results came, everyone's guesses remained in vain. bjp alone won 303 seats while nda got 353 seats. narendra modi was the hero of this grand victory of bjp and nda alliance. But in the midst of all this, the victory of Amethi on that day raised the stature of Union minister smriti irani at par with the leaders who decide the direction and condition of the country.

At the same time, the defeat of former congress President rahul gandhi in Amethi shook the entire opposition from the gandhi family to the Congress. It was from here that the gandhi family and the congress began to realize their downfall. Otherwise, he was treating the defeat in the 2014 lok sabha elections as a gust of wind. And he sat down thinking that in 2019 he would return to power again.

Even after the defeat, the memory stuck with high spirits

After the defeat in Amethi in the 2014 elections, smriti irani started spending time in Amethi instead of sitting in despair. Repeatedly going among the people of Amethi. Gave full 5 years to understand the lack of rahul and the problems of the people of Amethi. During this time, she was engaged in forging an intimate relationship with the Iranian people.

There was also a complaint from the people that rahul could not make an intimate relationship with the people of the area in that way. The way his father and former prime minister Rajiv gandhi had an intimate relationship with the people of Amethi. Perhaps, rahul, being the mp of Amethi, may not have visited Amethi as many times as smriti irani visited Amethi between 2014 - 2019.

In the 2019 elections, the Modi factor was all over the country, but along with the Modi factor, the memory factor destroyed the gandhi family's fort in Amethi.

Rahul learned from defeat

No one could have anticipated the defeat of Amethi, but the congress and the gandhi family had already received its indications before the elections. That is why congress got rahul to contest from Amethi as well as from Wayanad. After becoming the mp of wayanad, rahul is going there again and again. In this way he was never seen going to Amethi. rahul, who was mp of Amethi three times in a row, may not have visited Amethi as many times in 15 years as he has visited wayanad so far.

It is clear that rahul has now started feeling that only election tour will not work. If you want to win now, you have to live among the people in every happiness and sorrow. Will have to register his presence on the ground, so rahul has been visiting wayanad continuously since the 2019 lok sabha elections.

After Modi-Shah, now Irani has become the enemy number of congress - 1

In recent years, it has been seen that Amethi mp smriti irani has been more on the target of congress than prime minister narendra modi and home minister amit Shah. On the issue of inflation, there has been an attempt to troll smriti irani more on social media by congress and their leaders in social media.

At times, attempts have been made by congress leaders to target smriti irani in public places as well. Recently, while traveling in a plane, congress leader D'Souza was seen entangled with Irani. The reason for targeting memory is also clear. Rahul's defeat in Amethi at the hands of Irani. Of course, the defeat of Amethi was more painful for the congress than the defeat of the 2019 lok sabha elections.

The defeat of the 2019 lok sabha elections was a lesson for the congress, while the defeat of Amethi was no less than a shock for the gandhi family and the Congress. The party whose prime ministerial candidate loses his seat, it is natural for the workers of that party to lose their morale. After the 2019 lok sabha elections, many top congress leaders have said goodbye to the party.

Kapil Sibal, a veteran congress leader, has recently joined the Samajwadi Party. Earlier, leaders like Jyotiraditya Scindia, RPN Singh, and Jitin prasad have joined BJP. The congress is still grappling with infighting. Since the 2019 lok sabha elections in the congress, a faction of the so-called G-27 is seen revolting.

From the very beginning, he has been continuously demanding to change the top leadership. But these conditions are not acceptable to the gandhi family. Recently, election strategist prashant kishor also went to the top leadership of the congress with the same proposal, but the top leadership of the congress rejected this proposal, which also changed the leadership of prashant Kishor. At the same time, there is also a truth that more than the defeat of lok sabha, the defeat of Amethi has created a discontent in the Congress. Due to which a group of top leaders has arisen against the gandhi family.

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