Nearly 7,000 people from telangana are getting ready to travel to saudi arabia for the highly anticipated Haj pilgrimage this year. Koppula Eshwar, the minister for minority welfare, recently declared that special chartered planes would begin operating on june 5 to help pilgrims. The minister reviewed the arrangements and highlighted the unique accommodations provided by the telangana government for the comfort and convenience of the pilgrims during a meeting held at the Haj Committee Building.

The telangana state government has worked diligently to make sure that all facilities are well-maintained and accessible to pilgrims. The minister added that the Haj house has a variety of amenities set up, including dias, cosy seating arrangements, bus alight places, luggage screening, and check-in kiosks. Together with the State government, Vistara airlines will run unique flights just during Haj 2023. The minister emphasised that in order to ensure accessibility for all pilgrims, both manual and online booking options have been made available.

The minister made a sincere plea to all pilgrims, urging them to benefit from the first-rate amenities and preparations provided by the telangana administration. Several dignitaries and officials attended the meeting at the Haj Committee Building to discuss the plans and offer their support. Among those present at the meeting were mla Jaffar Hussain, Mohammad Salim, Chairman of the Haj Committee, AK Khan, government Advisor to the Minority Department, and Mohd Masiullah Khan, Chairman of the State Waqf Board.

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