“There is no imposition of hindi by the CBSE syllabus; puducherry education minister Namachivayam has said that they can study the subjects they want.

Puducherry state has already implemented CBSE syllabus from 1st to 5th class. The CBSE syllabus will be introduced for classes 6 to 9 and 11 from the coming academic year 2023-24. Meanwhile, while the schools were supposed to open from today (June 1) after the end of the summer vacation, the vacation has been extended till the coming 7th due to the increasing impact of the summer heat. An amount of Rs 1 crore 76 lakh has been earmarked for purchase of CBSE textbooks for school students.

In this case, the CBSE textbooks from Bengaluru have reached two schools namely Mudaliarpet Annai Sivagami government Girls Higher Secondary school and Kathirgamam indira gandhi government Girls Higher Secondary school by postal department vehicle.

The work of sending these books to all the schools through postal van has started from today. puducherry Home and education minister Namachivayam visited Annai Sivakami government Girls Higher Secondary school and visited the project. school education Department director Priyadarshini and Associate director Sivakami were present at that time.

Later, minister Namachivayam told reporters: CBSE textbooks will be sent to all schools in puducherry from today. Similarly textbooks have been sent to Karaikal, Mahe and Enam. Books will be distributed from respective regions. CBSE textbooks are from Bengaluru and tamil textbooks are from tamil Nadu Textbook Corporation. All school uniforms are provided.

A committee has been set up to fix fees in private schools. The committee will review and finalize the rates and release them. Various organizations came and met me to make tamil a compulsory subject in the CBSE syllabus. We have consulted the chief minister and Department Secretary in this regard.

We will examine what are the possible elements to make tamil a compulsory subject, which states have similar and take action accordingly. There is no hindi stuffing in it. They can take the subject language of their choice and study. Imposing that you have to read this is just imposing. This is misunderstood. All the vacant posts will be filled soon to overcome the shortage of teachers in schools,” he said.

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