Constables should not be denied promotion to the post of Sub-Inspector of Police; Ramadoss, the founder of BAMA, has said that departmental minor punishments should be abolished.

In a post published today, it has been said: "The Uniformed Staff Selection Commission has issued a recruitment notification for the selection of 621 Sub-Inspectors for the tamil Nadu Police. Online applications for the job are being received from last 1st. Although 20% of the total posts i.e. 123 posts are reserved for constables currently in service, majority of the constables are unable to apply for the post of sub-inspector. The reason is... administrative deadlock.

Constables are given departmental minor punishments for minor mistakes in the course of police work. Till 2016 even those who have this conviction can compete for sub inspector post under departmental quota. But after 2016, those convicted under Sections 3A and 3B were barred from contesting for the post of Sub-Inspector. The reason for the harm caused to the policemen is that the office of the director General of police has conducted an investigation for the past two years on the policemen's petition to remove the ban.

In the DMK's election manifesto for the 2021 assembly elections, it was announced that 'all departmental minor punishments given to policemen will be canceled and they will be promoted in due course' as promise 386. However, because that promise has not been fulfilled, the guards are unable to get promoted. No action was taken on the petitions filed in this regard.

30th of this month is the last day to apply for the post of Inspector of Police. If the tamil Nadu government does not remove the departmental minor punishments imposed on policemen, and if the director general of police office does not allow those convicted to participate in the sub-inspector examination, the dream of promotion to sub-inspector of thousands of policemen will be dashed. Considering their welfare, the tamil Nadu government should immediately fulfill its election promise of canceling all departmental minor punishments given to constables; Ramadoss said that the dream of promotion should be realized.

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