Near the madurai Airport in Perungudi Kanmai, an inscription from the 13th century AD was discovered. An inscription at Periya Kanmai in madurai, according to Suriyaprakash, a postgraduate history student. As a result, the field was inspected by Assistant professor T. Muniswaran of Saraswathi Narayanan college in madurai, as well as Professors Lakshmanamoorthy and Adiperumalsamy. A half-buried inscription was discovered near the Ganesha temple. It has been determined that this is an inscription from the 13th century AD.

"There is a stone pillar in front of the Ganesha temple in Perungudi, which excels in agriculture and pottery," claimed Professors Muneeswaran and Lakshmanamurthy. They are carved in an octagonal, two-bar shape on a 5-foot-long stone pillar and buried in the soil. Two cutaways were included in the upper bouts for easier access to the higher frets. The land was donated to the Vaishnava temple, according to this symbol. The lower part of the stone, which is in the shape of a 12-line script, has been dated to the 13th century AD.

Many characters have been devalued, and their true significance is unknown. According to an inscription read by archaeologist S. Chandalingam, the territory was ruled by a Chitra king named Wickrama Pandian Peraraiyan, and the last line includes the name of the person who granted the land at the time and Kumarajan, who penned the document.

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