Within hours of rejoining the telangana congress party, former minister and ex-MP Dharmapuri Srinivas, often known as DS, unexpectedly announced his departure from the party. In a letter sent on monday to the head of the All india congress Committee, Mallikharjun Kharge, DS claimed that he had just visited gandhi bhavan on sunday to celebrate his son D Sanjay's joining the party.

"However, the party officials stated that I had joined the party and offered to be the congress khanduva (stole). But it is not correct. Although I still support the congress from an intellectual standpoint, I have been avoiding active politics due to my age and health issues, he said. The former minister stated that the allocation of tickets to the contestants would be done in accordance with the established protocols because he was familiar with the practises and policies of the congress party.

It is inappropriate to associate my election to the congress on the party line with my son, the man stated. Insisting that it was improper to involve him in political disputes, DS informed the congress leadership that he was presenting his resignation with immediate effect if they believed he had joined the party.

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