The City of Charlotte, a significant metropolis and economic centre in North Carolina, US, has declared May 28, 2023, as telugu heritage Day. telugu is one of the most ancient and longest-surviving ethnic languages, dating back to the 10th century BCE, and is one of the six "Classical Languages" designated by the indian government, according to the proclamation made by Charlotte's mayor, Vi Alexander Lyles.
Despite the fact that Telugu-speaking populations are mostly found in the indian states of andhra pradesh and Telangana, the telugu Diaspora has extended to almost all nations worldwide, according to the declaration made by the 15th most populated city in the US. It also made note of the fact that, as of 2018, telugu was the fastest-growing language in the US, with thriving telugu communities sprouting up all over the place, including the Greater Charlotte region.

The local telugu Associations of Greater Charlotte Area have supported and donated on occasion to Second Harvest food bank, Adopt a Street, First Responders, and university students, it stated. "Telugu speakers have made significant contributions in many fields, from technology to medicine to engineering and more." The Mayor of Charlotte, Vi Alexander Lyles, declares May 28, 2023, as "Telugu heritage Day" and encourages all inhabitants to observe it.

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