According to bc Welfare minister Gangula Kamalakar, he wants to make karimnagar a lovely town by supplying all necessary amenities. At Baddam Yellareddy chowk in this city on Sunday, the minister and Mayor Y sunil Rao lay the groundwork for BT road repair projects to be undertaken with Rs 1.11 crore. Speaking during the event, kamalakar announced that the town was developing internal roads for the first time in history in addition to main roadways.

Due to the intense rain, the town's roads were harmed. When the state government was made aware of it, money was made available to start making repairs. Within a fortnight, the 14.5 km long major road's damage would be rectified. Once the repairs were finished, there wouldn't be any issues for the following five years. He asked for the community's support in developing the town and added that it was also their duty to watch out for freshly paved roadways.

If water was held on roadways, it was only natural to cause damage to BT roads. Therefore, he advised municipal officials to take action so that water is not stored on BT roadways. There were also Corporators, Municipal EE Nagamalleshwar Rao, R&B EE Sambasiva Rao, and others.

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